Thursday, 10 July 2014

So far this summer

I'm still not used to the fact that it's summer.  This school year went by so incredibly fast!  I can't believe that I will be in grade 6 next year. So far we haven't got to go camping because on my dad's last week of work he got comprtment syndrome in his arm and needed to stay in the hospital for four days. Other than that all we've done is stay at home. When my parents decided to go furniture shopping and left me and my 7 year old brother trey at home we decided it would be a nice surprise to my parents if we cleaned the in entire house. ( I live in a two story house by the way so that was a big deal to my parents) So as you can see I haven't done much this Sumer so far!


  1. Hi Naomi :) I know your mom and she led me to your blog! I think that it is great that you are writing over the summer and hopefully you keep this over the school year. Your post reminded me of when I was a kid and I did the exact same thing. It was amazing the feeling I had when my parents came home and they knew that I did something for them to help them out. Your post reminded me of the power of doing kind things for others! Thank you :)

    Say hi to your mom from me and make sure you don't say the word "bored" too much...I think she hates it :)

    George Couros

    1. Guess who made this

      Been creative
      Outside play
      Read a book
      Done something helpful

      P.S. Look at the the first letter of each phrase to find a certain word my mom hates.

  2. Wow! What awesome kiddos to clean up your house for your parents! :) Enjoy your summer!!

  3. Hi Naomi,

    I think it was a great thing you and Trey did for your parents! As a parent of three children I would love to walk in the house one day and be surprised like that. I just want you to know I showed my kids your post and told them you were a great example of a super kid!


  4. Hi Naomi,
    I remember the summer I was going into grade 7. I had to babysit my younger brother and sister that summer and it was NOT a lot of fun. We did not do anything as good as clean the house. I am glad you are finding ways to stay busy. Have you thought of writing staycation tips on your blog? I hope the rest of your summer is fun. I have a lot of house painting to do... not so much fun

  5. Naomi, I think the older I get the more I realize that everything goes by fast. It sounds like you like to camp out. Do you use tents or a camper?

    I live in a rural area of the United States and people come to my town to camp and canoe on our river. I used to sponsor a school club that had students camp out and canoe once or twice a year.

    I hope you have a great rest of your summer and a wonderful 6th grade year.

    Mr. C

  6. My school year went fast too! We finished in May and I only have 2 and a half weeks before we go back to school. I teach 3rd grade and I can't believe how fast my summer has gone. I hope you get to do lots of fun things this summer and that it goes by as slow as you need it to in order to get all your summer adventures completed.
    I think that you and your brother are pretty special for cleaning the house for your parents! Keep up the writing!
    Ms. Ruder

  7. Hi Naomi! I love that you are actively blogging as a soon to be 6th grader! Impressive. Keep it up and enjoy your summer!

  8. My son is in 6th grade too and he is doing the same thing!

  9. Hi Naomi,
    You are a great blogger. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Bummer about your dad. You are lucky that you got to spend time at home with your family. I wish my son and daughter would surprise me by cleaning the house. They do the opposite-think explosion of toys. Take care and keep blogging.

  10. Hi Naomi...

    So exciting to see you blogging over the summer! I am hopeful that some of my students will also do the same:)

    I have been enjoying having some time to post on my blog too... it never feels like 'work' to share my thinking. I am happy to hear you have time to write and help out your family. This summer we plan on fun activities near and around Saskatoon. My daughters help out a lot around the house too... but I don't think they would clean the house without being asked... YET.

    Enjoy these weeks of recharging your batteries for Grade 6!

    Ms. Scott Lindsay

  11. Hi Naomi,
    Sounds like you are certainly a leader by taking the time this summer to active journal. I hope you write more during your summer break. Your actions certainly demonstrate you are a leader. Keeping your house clean helps your parents and shows other students in your blog how they also can make good choices during the summer.

    Ms. Cat
    Phoenix, AZ

  12. Hey Naomi,
    I remember waiting all school year for summer and then being bored after the first week. One thing my friend Diane and I used to do is make dream boards. We would cut pictures out of magazines or print pictures off the internet representing the goals we had. I am sure you could do it digitally now using padlet. Hope you enjoy your summer :)

  13. Dear Naomi,
    Somehow I lost my comment to you, so here goes another try!
    Thanks for inspiring me to update my blog and write some myself. This summer I made a list of all of the things that I needed to do or wanted to do. After I got all of the things done that I had to do, I drove to Texas to see my parents for a few days. I didn't stay long, but am glad that I got to go. It's neat to be older and be able to do things like that. I left myself a list of things to do for when I got back.

    When I got back I chose one of my many projects to get finished. I tried to complete it by last Sunday, but I didn't finish. I had to put it away for some company. I'm going to get it out again tomorrow and see how many more days it will take me to finish it.

    This is the first summer that all of my own children are adults, so I get to choose more of what I do. It's strange being alone when my husband and two youngest children are off to work. Even though I try to focus on personal projects, I still find myself doing things for school. I'm a junior high librarian and so if you get really technical, I'm working when I read. I work one day next week, then I'm off until August 7th. Our teachers are all coming back August 11th to get ready for the new school year, even though school doesn't begin until August 25th.

    I remember the summer between fifth and sixth grades. I did a lot of reading that summer, like all summers, but I also had a great group of friends. We are still in touch with each other after all of these years! We would play starship Enterprise. I was the Science officer. We rode bikes. We wanted to break a world record, but didn't find one that our parents would agree to let us do. My friend Melanie and I spied on our little brothers and kept journals, just like in the book Harriet, the Spy. We even made a movie once with special effects. That was before digital, so we couldn't edit it. One other thing we would do was to put on plays. Most of them we wrote ourselves. Now that I'm thinking of those fun times, I'll have to check in with my friends to see what fun they remember!

    Have a great summer! I'll check in again and let you know how my blog is going.

    Mrs. Riding
    Farmington, Utah

  14. Naomi,

    I agree with you... "WHERE HAS THE SUMMER GONE ALREADY?!?!" We have had near record temperatures in Langley, British Columbia where I live with with my wife, my 5 year-old son and 3 year-old daughter. We are a little worried about some of the fires going on near where we are suppose to be camping. We are excited to go and are hopeful the people and sites around the Okanagan remain safe. Have you done a lot of camping with your family? From the sounds of it you must enjoy it a lot. I am hopeful you get to go. When I was younger my sisters, friends, and I every once in a while use to build a "fort tent" in the living room with blankets, books, and sheets and use to camp out in the living room when we were not able to go camping. We didn't have a fire but we pretended to and told some great stories with the lights our and the flashlights held up to our face.

    I can imagine your parents loved coming home to a clean house. The kindest acts are the ones that are done from the heart. I believe it warmed your parents hearts to know they have a couple kids who thought to make someone's day.

    I hope you have a wonderful remainder to your summer break and that everyone in your family remains healthy and happy.

    PS... The 6th Grade Rocks! You will love it! I also think it is awesome that you are sharing your summer by writing a blog. It is inspiring.


    Mr. McDonald
    Langley, British Columbia

  15. Naomi I loved reading your post. Where I am from (Sydney Australia) it is winter & the middle of the school year so I would prefer to be there. I also live in a two storey house & know what a big job it is to keep tidy (well my wife knows - I help sometimes) so you and Trey could always come over and help us keep it tidy ;). I look forward to reading your blog as your break unfolds. My wife is a principal of an elementary school and I will share your blog with students in her school to encourage them to blog. Well done!

  16. If you could do anything you want this summer, what would it be? Is there a special place you'd like to go with your family?

    I love hearing about the way that you and your brother helped your parents out.

    In the summer, I live at the cottage where I enjoy reading Twitter. That's where I heard about your blog. Keep writing.

    Nancy (I'm a retired principal)

  17. Naomi! found your blog through Twitter. Want to leave a heartfelt "i know how you feel" behind. My family and I have not been anywhere new this summer. There have been expenses this year that will prevent us from heading out to a new destination. But! I am trying to make it worthwhile for my kids with lots and lots of tickling and ice cream and trips to the beach. Ou. trips to the grocery store are made extra special. So, while Disneyworld is not sight for us this year, lots of time together is. That is what is important to family. Keep writing!

    Maggie Bolado
    6th Science
    Resaca Middle School, LFCISD

  18. Naomi-Congrats on your blog! I heard about it through Twitter and want to let you know you've inspired me to share this with my 8th graders! Way to go on helping clean the house-as a mom I would definitely appreciate that.
    I hope you love 6th grade:). Keep writing no matter what!

    Mrs. Bauer
    8th gr ELA, social studies, religion
    Davenport, IA

  19. Hey Naomi,
    I wish it were summer where I am. I like getting outside and riding my bike and at the moment it's a bit chilly for that.
    Where am I, you ask? I live in Australia - just north of Sydney, New South Wales.
    I hope your Dad feels better soon and that you get to gop on your camping trip.
    Enjoy the warmth!

    Brendan Jones
    PE Teacher
    Bateau Bay, New South Wales, Australia

  20. Naomi,

    I'm a teacher and my summer is almost over. I go back to work on August 4th...and I just bought milk at the grocery store that will expire on that day. That means I go back SOON. I am a 4th grade teacher in Omaha, NE. I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer. I wish you knew my daughter who will be in the 7th grade next year. You could suggest cleaning the house.

    Jen Roberts
    4th Grade Teacher
    Omaha, NE

  21. Hi Naomi- I found your blog, thanks to Mr. George Courous. Great job with keeping up with writing, as your summer vacation goes on. At school we've been moving a classroom from one part of our school to the other.....heavy lifting! My family has a garden and the tomatoes are just beginning to ripen. Living in Indiana, it has been quite a cool summer. Here's hoping your dad is feeling better. Cheers, Mrs. West

  22. Hi Naomi,
    It is so inspiring that you are blogging over the summer! I find writing very relaxing and it helps clear my mind. When I was your age, I used to write poetry. Do you write anywhere else?

    I know what you mean when you say it doesn't feel like summer yet. I haven't had a chance to get away either. However, I will get to see my family soon, which is exciting, because I haven't seen them in a year and 7 months! I live in Surrey, British Columbia but all of my family is in Ontario, not far from Toronto. My little sister (she is 18 now) is excited we can finally hang out.

    That was such a nice thing you did for your parents. I hope you will continue to share stories like that so others know the power of random acts of kindness!

    Have a wonderful rest of your summer :)

    Mme. Bunker
    Surrey, BC

  23. Naomi,

    First, you are the bomb! Second, vacation has as much to do with the mind and and heart, and here you are blogging (and making the world a better place with your thoughts, to boot!) and doing kind things for others...I think you are having a terrific summer! Finally, you are EXACTLY the kind of person I love to have at my school (I am a high school principal in Kentucky), so when your ready for high school, you will welcome in Owen County, Kentucky! :)

    I hope you get to have a camping adventure this summer (eat some s'mores for me!) before school starts. I hope, too, that your dad is feeling better!

    Enjoy the rest of the summer!
    Duane Kline

  24. Dear Naomi,

    I hope you get to do some fun things this summer. Our students return to school August 7th so our summer is almost over. I know your parents were proud of you and your brother for cleaning the house! Keep up the blogging, I enjoyed reading it!

    Jenny Moon
    Gadsden City Schools

  25. Hi Naomi,
    Your summer story reminded me of when my sister and I stayed up really late and pretended to be brownies (elves) and cleaned the house. It was fun to see our parents faces the next morning! I also remember being really tired!
    I am going to try blogging with my class this year, so it was fun to read your post. It's exciting to see how many people from so many different places have read your blog and commented on it.

    Mrs. Walker
    3rd Grade Teacher
    Bettendorf, Iowa

  26. Hi Naomi. My daughter is going into Grade 6 next year as well. She is excited, are you? That is a big responsibility looking after your brother and you cleaned the house at the same time. That is fantastic, I wish my kids would surprise me like that. Writing a blog is a great thing to do over the summer, just like a journal - but public! I hope you have a great summer. Keep posting as the summer and school year begins.

    Greg Pearson
    High School Vice Principal
    Ontario, Canada

    1. I'm super exited for grade six!!!!!!!!

  27. Hi Naomi,
    I found your blog from a blog post George Courous wrote. I am really proud of you for sharing your thoughts with others! I look forward to reading more from you! Good luck in 6th grade!

  28. Hi Naomi,
    I am a student studying to become a teacher. I am really glad I stumbled upon this post today. I just wanted to let you know that I am amazed that you took the responsibility to help out your parents in a time of need. I understand that you have waited all year for summer, and this is probably not what you had in mind. I assure you that because of the responsibility that you showed your parents, they will reward you. Stick in there, because your summer is just beginning. The traits you have will take you a far way in life.

    Keep up the great work!!

  29. Hi Naomi,
    I am a student studying to be a teacher just like Justin who commented above. I am very impressed by what you did to help out around the house. A few years back my cousin and I lived in an apartment together. During that time I learned that if you cared for who you are living with and see that something needs to be done you will do it without being asked and you will not begrudge them at all. While your situation is a little different since you live with your parents the lesson is still the same, if you care about who you live with you are willing to do what you can to make their lives easier. I am impressed with the initiative you took and even if your efforts around the house go unnoticed (which unfortunately often happens) you should be proud of what you have done. I hope in the time since you have posted this you have had an adventure or two to make this summer memorable,
    Sending you a handshake across the miles,

  30. Naomi, can I have you come to my house and teach my kids how to clean house?

  31. Hi Naomi I love summer holidays just to to hang out at home and take time just to daydream, reflect and generate new ideas. I love to read under a tree and just take the time to find the lady beetles near me. I live in Australia and it is winter, cold and rainy and now I am dreaming of summer and a great book. Wishing you all the best in Grade Six!